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Meeting life’s goals,
one bucket at a time

People often create “bucket lists” to catalog a list of goals or achievements they would like to complete during their lifetime. When it comes to meeting one’s goals in life, it is often more helpful to move beyond a list and instead, establish a bucket plan aimed at providing a path to success. At Falck Financial Services, we like to think that financial planning is not a one-time, “static” event, but a process that unfolds and evolves over time.

Welcome to Falck Financial Services

As an independent financial planning firm committed to helping our clients work toward improving their long-term financial success, Falck Financial Services recognizes that each person and circumstance is unique.  Using a global perspective, we work to tailor a plan specific to your needs and situation and strive to build long term relationships with our clients.

Please consider this website as a resource for education, calculators, weekly market commentary and client account access.  If you are interested in exploring how working with Falck Financial Services can be beneficial for you, please contact us at or call us at 507-645-2993. Thank you! 

Financial Guidance

Do you have a plan? Using a personalized method, we will work to construct a comprehensive financial plan to help you reach your goals.

Insurance Services

What if something happens? Our plan design considers the financial impact of a catastrophic event such as a death or disability.

Retirement Planning

Will you run out of money? Together we can design a plan to balance your retirement income and lifestyle goals.

Building and Protecting Your Legacy

What will be your legacy? Our planning process addresses topics surrounding a surviving spouse as well as next generation issues.

Do You Have a Bucket Plan®?


The Money Cycle

The Bucket Plan®


People often think of a “bucket list,” but do they have a “Bucket Plan”? Taking into consideration your objectives, assets, income and obligations, together we can design a strategy utilizing a framework of Now, Soon and Later buckets to try and help you reach your goals – maybe even help you mark off some bucket list items!

The three bucket approach divides your money into Now, Soon and Later buckets. The Now bucket is segmented money that is safe, liquid and is intended to be used in the next 12 months. It includes an emergency fund to try and deal with financial surprises. The Soon bucket is for money aimed at identified goals over the course of the next ten years, in other words, money that is not needed today, but sooner rather than later. The Later bucket is for long term goals, generally greater than ten years. Money in this bucket tends to be invested for greater growth potential.

Through this process, we work to educate clients on the concepts of the money cycle, market risk, interest rate risk, and sequence of returns risk. We also take into consideration catastrophic events that can prevent you from achieving your goals.

If you would like to know more about this planning approach and how it can benefit you, please watch the videos located on our home page or contact us for a free initial consultation!